EKO ProUnits Europa

Company Overview

Types of Services

BilBud & Kurir (SNI-kod 53202): 

Providing services of Home Deliveries in EKO Friendly manner. Currently we are working with Wolt and UberEats as their courier partner. Wolt and UberEats customers place order in different restaurants. When the food is ready, Wolt and UberEats let us know through its application and we collect the food from restaurant and deliver the food to customer homes.

Städning & Rengöring (SNI-kod 81210): 

Providing Cleaning services (flyttstädning, storstädning, hemstädning etc.) in efficient and environment friendly manner.

For example: 

In our last cleaning, we cleaned the house of our client who moved to another city. During our cleaning we performed following activities,  

  • Cleaning of windows, 
  • Cleaning of room walls and doors
  • Cleaning of wardrobes, cabinets and bookshelves.
  • Moping and Vacuum cleaning (wet and dry) on the floors
  • Cleaning of Kitchen (Fridge, Oven, Washing Sink etc.)
  • Cleaning of Toilets

Provisionshandel med blandat sortiment, Postorderhandel och detaljhandel på Internet med övriga varor (SNI-kod 46190, 47919): 

Providing products which are efficient, have long term lives and environment friendly. We purchase goods through different sources as Amazon UK on economical prices and then sell those goods to consumers in Sweden through different channels such as Facebook marketplace, Tradera etc.

Personalutbildningar, Teknisk provning och analys (SNI-kod 71200): 

Provide Management Consultancy, trainings and Certifications to industries and business units on Environment and other International Standards such as ISO 9001 – Quality, ISO 45001 – Health & Safety, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, FSC – Forest Stewardship Council etc. as well as How to develop Systems to have protection against disasters like Corona Viruses. 

For example:

We will give training on ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The purpose of the training is to provide an introduction to quality management, explain the benefits of a quality management system. The training also provides an understanding of how quality management systems can be an effective basis for business development.

We will give consultancy for ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We will support our customers to develop and implement effective business management and help them meet their customers’ requirements and in order to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continuous improvement. we also help as following

We will provide advice on upcoming updates to the standard and useful supporting documentation

  • We will support customers in discussions with certification bodies to ensure the best possible price
  • We will offer guidance on integrating the new ISO standard with existing controls and standards. This can reduce costs, time, and potential complications in the future
  • We will carry out initial gap analysis of client’s company against the standard
  • We will create a bridge and line of communication with statutory and regulatory bodies, customers, and suppliers

Product Inspections and Container Loading Supervision:

Perform Product Inspections (Inline, Final Random Inspections as per AQL) & Container Loading Supervisions.